An auction participant may only be a person over 18 years old of full legal capacity, who abides by auction rules and by the rules of proper and appropriate behaviour at auctions. 


Auction types which do not require personal participation at the auction – auction proxy bidding

1.      ON-LINE AUCTION - auction in real time arranged over

 More information on this type of auction, and the conditions, can be found on the website



On the basis of a written power of attorney, it is possible to participate in the auction in absentia. The power of attorney form for registration for auction proxy bidding is available on the website, or at the end of the auction catalogue. The filled-in power of attorney, together with a copy of an identity card or passport, must be delivered to the auction house no later than 48 hours before the start of the auction – electronically, to e-mail address, or physically, to postal address Starožitnosti-Galerie USTAR Ltd., Rytířská 532/9, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic. Forms received after the deadline will be accepted only if it is possible to do so; no guarantee of this is given. The auction house reserves the right to ask bidders for a bank guarantee, or a deposit of up to one half of the starting price.



In this type of auction, the bidder must fill out, and deliver to the auction house, a written power of attorney (a registration form for auction proxy bidding) containing a clear indication of the authoriser, the representative, the catalogue number and description of the auction item, the maximum limit (the maximum sum, excluding the auction commission, which the authoriser is willing to pay for the auction item), and the date and signature of the authoriser.


The auction house Starožitnosti-Galerie USTAR Ltd., expressly informs the bidder that it is not liable for any non-delivery or omission of registration of the power of attorney for auction proxy bidding, for inability to get through to a telephone number, for a connection failure due to a fault in telecommunications, for continuous and uninterrupted access by the bidder to the on-line auction or the functionality of the system, particularly with regards to the fact that there are a number of external factors which the auction house has no influence over.